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Mains Transformers

HAHN Transformers are of the highest quality making us proud to represent them in the UK and North America. So, whatever you need, however many you want, whenever you want them, you can be sure we can help. We at Ocean Grove Developments Limited are the licensed franchised representative of HAHN for the UK and North America. 
As such we would like to introduce to you the range of HAHN Transformers that we offer. Please see the Links below:

Printed circuit-board transformers Non-encapsulated transformers Customer-optimized speciality transformers
Flat-type transformers Switch mode power supply transformers Transformers RAST 5
Standard Converter Reduced Energy Consumption transformers - EuP  

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Mains Transformers
Mains Transformers
Mains Transformers Mains Transformers
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