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Electronic Ignition Devices from Hahn

Electronic ignition devices from HAHN are designed according to the highest requirements in heating and industrial plants. Coninuous monitoring of all process steps and the use of top quality components guarantee safety, reliability and durability. All components are subjected to an individual 100% final check. This check includes not only a charactoristics test but intergrated high voltage tests are carried out that guarantee voltage stability. All ignition devices are complient with current national and international standards.
HAHN Electronic Ignition Devices are designed and manufactured for safe and stable ignition use in boiler systems withing the heating industry. HAHN electronic Ignition Devices can be made for electronic stoke-spark ignition in gas-condensing boiler systems and oil-burning systems, providing high performance ignition for both.

Some of the key features of the products we offer are listed below:

- Voltages 230V and 120V
- Single or dual-pole ignition
- One or two ignition points
- Quality based on individual testing and EMV according to EN 55014-1 and EN 55014-2
- Construction in accordence to DIN EN 60335-1 and DIN EN 60335-2-102

Please contact us at Ocean Grove for more details on all HAHN Ignition Devices available.

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